“I’ve worked with Mike for almost 30 years, and he’s handled several transactions for my businesses—new leases, lease renewals, a lease termination and a building sale.

He’s really exceeded my expectations in every imaginable way. Through his extensive network, Mike has a keen ability to learn about the markets—not just in the tri-state area, but throughout the Northeast. MAG found me a great building in Norwalk, Connecticut—I never would have thought to look there. 

MAG sold a property for us and got us a market-high price. I had no idea my property was worth so much. As part of the sale, MAG handled a sensitive lease termination and negotiated a seven-figure termination fee to our benefit.

Most people don’t like their real estate brokers, but Mike is great to work with. He’s really impressive, he knows his stuff, and he can talk to both landlords and tenants. I’ve referred Mike to others and they’ve all thanked me.

Mike and his firm provide trust, integrity, knowledge and strategy—that’s everything you want in a real estate advisor.”